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Our minimum order for those wishing to receive shipping by truck is  $750.00.

For boxed shipping our minimum is based on thirty one gallon plants (3 boxes) and no less than 3 per variety. When ordering from our 4 inch deep square line the minimum for boxed shipping is 21 plants. Qualified entities involved in research such as arboretums and universities are not subject to these minimums. Plants collections and private gardens contact Gary for any further adjustment on minimum order requirements. There is no minimum for those wishing to pickup at the nursery.

Customers wishing to receive material removed from the container and shipped bare root may request this option if shipped during the winter months. This option does provide considerable savings on shipping costs, however the minimum order amount will still apply. If there is a need for any of our bare root material to be ball and burlap or visa versa please let us know, in many cases we can accommodate changes in our harvest if this type of request is submitted early enough in the season.

All orders are booked subject to crop growing conditions or errors in count and with the understanding that it shall be void should injury befall the stock from fire, frost, flood, drought or other causes beyond our control.

When shipping by truck we use combination or pool trucks throughout the continental United States.

We can also direct ship by using UPS or FEDEX. These types of shipments are reserved for 1 gallon and smaller, not to exceed a total height of 28 inches (including container). In most cases we can larger ship plants that do not fit this criteria via air carrier, (see below).

Customers living near and or willing to travel to a major metropolitan airport to pickup plant material can also receive shipment by air carrier, either DELTA or PILOT AIR. If you are interested in this method we will need to know the airport nearest you when placing your order.

It should be noted here that even though UPS ground when compared to air carrier is comparable, the latter has proven to be much more cost effective when compared to 3-day. Shipping estimates on boxed material can be provided upon request prior to shipment on established orders only. 


All bare root prices listed are based on bundled quantities and will fall within the following guidelines with few exceptions:


1 ¼ in. caliper and larger are normally in bundles or 3 and sometimes 2.

2 year top plants, which are 1 in. caliper or smaller are normally in bundles of 5.

1 year top plants usually referred to as a whip are in bundles of 10.


Orders placed for less than bundled quantities will be charged a small handling fee due to the extra labor involved in pulling, cutting, retying, re-heeling and re-labeling. These charges will range depending on the size and will apply per bundle; $ 2.25 for 1 year, $ 3.25 for 2 year and $ 4.00 for 1 ¼ in. caliper and larger. Please note that any need to break bundles which is a result of our own internal adjustments will not be charged this fee.

Containers shipped by the box will be charged $12.00 per. Bare root material shipped by the box will be $6.00. Packing charges for custom boxes larger than the standard 1 gallon size will be dealt with on a case by case basis. When shipping by truck we can apply extra root protection, upon request, for bare root trees in the form of a root bale. Cost will vary depending on amount and root mass. 

All shipments will be furnished with the appropriate inspection certificates. 

As a general rule our grade standards are in keeping with those within the trade, which are adopted from the guidelines adopted by the American Association of Nurserymen. In some rare cases we may vary from these standards when the caliper of the plant is not up to grade but the top meets the criteria. Usually this occurs on some of our more rare offerings, which are difficult to fit into the standards mentioned above.

For established customers the terms are net 30 days from the date of invoice. We require new customers to fill out a credit application and provide a deposit of 25% in order to secure the order. The above mentioned credit application is available by download or can be obtained by request via fax or mail.

Unless special arrangements have been agreed upon prior to shipping a service charge of 1 1/2% per month will be charged to all accounts not paid on or before 45 days from date of invoice. This would equate to an annual rate of 18%. Severely past due accounts are subject to being placed on a C.O.D. basis. 

Prices herein are F.O.B. Boring, Oregon and are for the trade only and cancel all previous prices offered by us. They are based on present conditions and subject to change without notice. 

We give no warranty, express or implied, as to life, description. quality, productivity or any other matter of our nursery stock that we sell. It is mutually agreed that our total liability for any errors should stock prove untrue to name as labeled, shall be limited upon satisfactory proof, to our replacing free or refunding the purchase price thereof. 

In the event a dispute arises as to the enforcement of any of the terms or provisions of this agreement, Handy Nursery Company will be entitled to all costs incurred including, but not limited to attorney fees, whether or not any legal proceedings is initiated. In any action to enforce this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its costs, disbursements, and attorney fees in connection with such action and any appeal or review.  Should it become necessary to file suit to enforce this agreement, such suit may be brought in the County of Clackamas, State of Oregon. 

Claims regarding incorrect counts or breakage will receive consideration only when made within 10 days after delivery of stock or acceptance thereof. Claims regarding disease or mortality must be received by the 15th of June following the date of delivery. We shall in no case be liable for any sum greater than the amount originally received for said nursery stock.

PREPAYMENT A prepayment discount of 3/4% per month for every full month between the date of prepayment and the shipment date will be credited to the invoice at the time of shipment.  Prepayment discount is in addition to prompt pay discount. Customers paying C.O.D. will receive a 5% discount on the invoiced amount.

Discount prices are honored ONLY if payment is made within terms.

$2,500 - $4,999 3%
5,000 - 9,999 5%
10,000 - 19,999 7%
20,000 - 29,999 9%
30,000 - 39,999 11%
40,000 - 49,999 13%
50,000 - Up 15%


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