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How to Order

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Please take the time to review our "Terms of Sale" by clicking on the button on the left or bottom navigation bar found on each page of the web site. Or just click on the link in this paragraph to go there now.

In addition to our online catalog provided below in option 4 we have also provided an up to date "Stock Available" which can be viewed, downloaded or printed out at any time by clicking the appropriate button on the left or bottom navigation bars, or just click on the link in this paragraph to go there now. Please note that there is also a key included to assist in explaining the shorthand and symbols found in the list.

In an effort to assist in making the ordering process as painless as possible we offer the following options:

Feel free to contact Kimberly or Gary at any time if you wish to order by telephone, all the contact information is available by clicking on the "Contact Us" button on the left or bottom navigation bar found on each page of the web site, or just click on the link in this paragraph to go there now.

Likewise you may fax to one of two available numbers listed. You may wish to fax your own list or if you desire you may printout an "Order Form" provided by clicking on the button on the left or bottom navigation bar found on each page of the web site, or just click on the link in this paragraph to go there now.

If you would rather place your order by E-mail that information is also available by clicking on the "Contact Us" button or you may simply click the E link above now.

Online Ordering is now available giving a simple way in which to explore all the various factors that enter into your purchasing decision. We have gone to great lengths to provide considerably more than just size and price. In addition you will find specifics on hardiness, ultimate height and width, growth habit, flower, fruit, foliage, fall color, bark, growth rate, in most cases full color images as well as a number of historical and other special attributes.

If you wish to view the "Catalog" click on the link listed here or use the appropriate button at the bottom or left side of each web page. Or just click on the link in this paragraph to go there now.

Even though our ordering pages are self explanatory we would like to offer an overview of some of the features and procedures, which may be of help with your online ordering experience.

The opening page provides a number of services and features but before proceeding first time customers will need to Create An Account by filling out a simple form and entering a password for future access. Return customers will need to log in at this point. Both of these options are available with one click in the center of the opening page.

After creating the account lets look for some plants! There are two options to begin your search. In the upper left hand corner you will find a dropdown box with the heading Categories.

Clicking the down arrow will bring up our genus list from which you may choose the desired plant group. Upon selecting your genus simply click to bring up all the various sizes and prices within each variety offered.

Clicking once more on a specific line item will bring you to our Product Page containing all the specifics about the plant as well as a full color image.

There is also a built in search engine on the lower left side, look for the dialogue box called Quick Find and type in the desired genus you wish to search for. When found click the search icon to the right or hit enter on the keyboard. This will enable the search engine to take you directly to the product list page.

C Now you are ready to order. Our system is equipped with an Online Shopping Cart feature allowing you to track your ordering progression and total expenditures easily. When you have found the product desired simply click on the Add to Cart button in the lower right of your page.

This will bring up the actual shopping cart order placement page upon which you can fill in the appropriate amount needed by typing it into the Qty Box, then just click on the Update button to add the selected item to your shopping cart.

Please Note if you do not wish to order at this point you must check the Remove Box and click on the Update since the system automatically inserts a quantity of 1 in the Qty Box.

When ready to continue click on the Categories button again or click on Continue Shopping at the bottom.

If you are ready to finalize your purchase click on the Checkout Button at the bottom of the page.  At this time you will go first to a screen verifying the shipping address. If this is correct click Continue at the bottom of the page whereupon you will be asked to pick between three Payment Options.

Please Note At this time we are not yet capable of offering Credit Card or COD payment options to our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we will notify all of our customers by E-mail when this service is available.

This leaves the Check/Money Order option. Select this option and click Continue button at the bottom of the page. This will bring up a summary of all pertinent information including all the plant and invoice totals. To conclude your transaction click on the Confirm Order at the bottom of the page.

Please Note At the bottom of the shipping information section you may see a statement indicating shipment will not proceed prior to payment. Established customers can ignore this prompt.

At this point you may also see information regarding shipping rates.

If you wish to obtain more information on established customer status or detailed aspects concerning shipping click on Back to Handy Nursery found at the top left side of the header then click on the Terms of Sale button on the left or bottom navigation bars. Or click on the link in this paragraph to go there now.

This concludes the ordering procedure, an E-mail confirmation will be sent within a short period of time to provide you with a hard copy of your order.

If you have any questions on ordering when on the online catalog page you can use the Live Support found on the right side of the window. This option is only activated when one of our staff is online at the same time and not to be considered a 24 hr. service. If not feel free call or E-mail with any questions you may have. END NAGARRO COMMENT